Pine-Tree Trading has been serving our customer's scrap
  and recycling needs since 1972. We are well  organized to
  make sales in Korea Market as well as  lined up with many
  of  esteemed companies all over  the world

   We have been working as an importer and exporter of
   ferrous/nonferous metals and scrap metals almost  35 years 
   in both  foreign and domestic markets. Since we were in this
   market  for a long time, our unique understanding for metal
   market  gives us good ability to supply high quality scrap
   metals to our buyers

    We are aiming at establishing Globalized Portal (Global E-Marketplace for Metals and scraps) for future
      metal market This is just a beginning and we really hope to establish best mutual benefit metal
      place in here. Thank you for reading, we'll always remain.
                                                                                                                               Jason Wang (President)